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Our fund takes a holistic approach to semiconductor investments, spanning the entire supply chain from IC design to end-product applications. By considering manufacturing, packaging, and system integration, we gain a comprehensive understanding of industry dynamics.

We meticulously analyze each segment of the semiconductor ecosystem, identifying emerging trends and market demands. This enables us to pinpoint investment opportunities that maximize returns while mitigating risks, whether in IC design firms, manufacturing facilities, or end-product application companies.

Investment Committee

Judy Lee

Chairman of Kiwi Technology (6699.TWSE)

Past Experience:

- Chairman of SBI & Capital JV Fund I and Fund II
- Acting CFO of Egis Technology (6462.TWSE)
- Branding Fund Partner of ID Soft Capital Group

Frank Huang

Founder & CEO of PSMC (6770.TWSE)

Past Experience:

- Founder and CEO of UMAX (2348.TWSE)
- Chairman of Elitgroup (2331.TWSE)

Miyazaki Makoto

Exective Officer of SBI Holdings (8473.TSE)

Past Experience:

- Deputy Manager of ABN AMRO
- Manager of CDIB
- Foreign Securities Settlement of UBS Securities

Steve Lo

Founder, Chairman & CEO of Egis Technology (6462.TWSE)

Current Positions:

- Chairman of Alcor Micro (8054.TWSE)
- Chairman of Algoltek (6684.TWSE)
- Chairman of iCatchtek (6695.TWSE)

D.J. Liu

Board Director of Alcor Micro (8054.TWSE)

Past Experience:

- Co-founder and General Manager of MediaTek (2454.TWSE)
- Senior Advisor of Vincera Capital

Meet Our Team

Judy Lee


Past Experience:

-Chairman of SBI & Capital JV Fund I and Fund II
-Acting CFO of Egis Technology (6462.TWSE)Branding Fund Partner of ID Soft Capital Group

Brian Chen


Past Experience:

- General Manager of Carota Taiwan
- CIO of General Mobile
- Investment Manager of Magi Capital
- Investment Manager of SBI & Capital 22
- Special Assistant of Egis Technology
- Assistant Manager of Yuanta Securities

Todd Lin

Senior Advisor

Past Experience:

- Director of Foundry Ecosystem of Synopsys
- General Partner of idSoftCapital

Eddie Liu

Investment Manager

Past Experience:

- Assistant Vice President of Citi Global Markets Taiwan Securities
- Equity Analyst of Yuanta Investment Consulting
- Senior Investor Relations Manager of Appier Group

Pamela Lin

Finance Manager

Past Experience:

- Finance Manager of Phi Zoyi Capital
- Senior Associate of Deloitte International Tax and Legal

Diana Chiu

Office Manager

Past Experience:

- Finance Deputy Manager of SBI & Capital JV Fund I and Fund II
- Finance Specialist of Egis Technology

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